The Tubby Todd Bundle Breakdown

Baby Bundle

Here at Tubby Todd we want to give our mamas (dads, grandmas, etc.) the best shopping experience possible. Our products come in all shapes, sizes and combinations, so read below for a breakdown of the difference between our Bundles, Gift Sets and Kits—and find out which ones are right for you!


What is it: Our Tubby Bundles are groups of our most basic and essential products that we've bundled together for easy shopping (and a bit of a discount!).

Who needs it: Busy mamas who know what they like to use for their family, want to get the most bubble bang for their buck, and don't have lots of time for frequent repurchasing.

Where will you use it: Our Bundles are perfect to stock up your bathroom, nursery (or to tuck away in a closet as a backup) with your little one's body care basics.

Tubby Tip: The Regulars is our 3-step solution to sensitive skin and a great starting point for any babe's skincare routine. Learn more!

The Goods:
The Regulars Bundle
The Baby Bundle
The Wash and Lotion Bundle
The Tubby Hair Duo
The Tubby Hair Bundle
The Bubble Bundle


Tubby Todd Travel Kit Bundle

What is it: Our Kits are groups of products that are convenient to use in a specific situation, like when traveling with your family or just out and about! They all include a discount, too!

Who needs it: Families that are on the go! These products are all convenient sizes and you'll want to have them right at your fingertips.

Where will you use it: Tubby Todd Kits are perfect for stowing in your bag or carry-on to have at a moments notice—whether at the park, mid-flight or while you're out and about.

Tubby Tip: The products in our Travel Kit are TSA friendly! Bon voyage, Mama!

The Goods:
The Travel Kit
The Sun Kit
The Backpack Kit


The Newborn Gift Sets on a colorful background

What is it: Our Gift Sets are collections of products to provide a full body care experience for the recipient, and they all include special packaging that will make it easy peasy for any mama to become a gift-giving rock star. (Plus—you guessed it—a discount!)

Who needs it: The mama who has a baby shower, kiddo's birthday or other celebration that requires a thoughtful (but easy) gift!

Where will you use it: While our Gift Sets make the most perfect presents, there's no reason you can't grab one for yourself as well! We love to encourage you or the recipient to reuse the packaging as a storage box for you or your kiddos!

Tubby Tip: Our special Gift Set packaging is recyclable OR reusable! Use it to store your skincare goodies or let kiddos keep treasures inside!

The Goods:
The Essentials Gift Set
The Toddler Gift Set
The Basics Gift Set
The Newborn Gift Set
The Mama Gift Set


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