3 2020 Skincare Rituals We're Taking into the New Year

2020 is officially over and we're doing our best to look back at some of the positive things that happened since it was a tough year for so so many of us. One thing that we're taking with us into the new year is a set of new and improved skincare routines and habits! Front and center? You guessed it—HAND WASHING. Obviously we've always been big fans of scrubbing up but we've got some new routines and products to make it that much easier. We also spent a lot of time last year in the bath tub (surprise!) and we had fun coming up with new ways to bring playtime into the tub. Read on below for more on our favorite 2020 routines that we're bringing into the new year! More Frequent Hand Washing (Don't forget to scrub for at least 20 seconds!) In 2020 we really upped our hand washing game and we've got to say it's a practice that we're going to stick with for ourselves and our little ones in the years to come. We've always know that soaping up little mitts was important but this past year really did take it to another level and as a result we launched some exciting new products to help you and your babes keep those hands clean, wherever you might be! We love to use our Hair + Body Wash as a gentle soap for hand washing so we created our Wash + Lotion Bundle to help make it easy to remember to clean hands (and hydrate skin!) by placing one near each sink! We also launched our Foaming Hand Soap which is especially fun for little ones to help encourage them to wash up on their own. Baths (This year, next year, EVERY YEAR) Ok we know bathtime has always been a thing, but one of our favorite rituals that we developed last year was to bring playtime and fun INTO the bath more often! While we all spent so much time indoors it seems like screen time was harder than ever to avoid and it was just tough to keep those little ones entertained. Bathtime provides the perfect opportunity to really spend some time connecting with your little one in a screen-free environment. Pour in some extra Bubbles and you've got a captive, sudsy audience and we love to use this time to read a few books, play I Spy, get some tub toy imagination going, use bath paints, or any other way your kiddo likes to play! Hand Sanitizer (Spray and Gel!) Back in March our Hand Sanitizer 2 Packs sold out overnight. We decided we wanted to have more options to offer so we expanded our sani family by adding new scents in our Spray option AND by launching a brand new Gel option to keep near your changing station or anywhere else you might need to clean up in a pinch. Our sanitizers contain 62.5% Denatured Dehydrated alcohol to tackle icky germs and they are Methanol-free! Just rub the spray or gel onto skin, no drying required. We love to take the sprays on-the-go by keeping one in our diaper bag or purse. The gel is perfect to keep near your desk or anywhere you might want to clean up without heading to the sink. Tubby Todd Mama Blog
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