TT x Asahi Nagata: Art, Culture and Mamahood

Asahi Nagata with her daughter
"Just chatting with other moms about how difficult the struggle can be helps me deal with the hard days."
At Tubby Todd we believe that bubbles are for everyone! As part of our mission to support all members of the TT community we are dedicated to collaborating with and sharing the stories of mamas, parents, artists, activists (and more!) from all walks of life. Meet our newest collaborator, Asahi Nagata, a Minneapolis-based artist and mama who created our most recent (and adorable) Bubble Bath label! Featuring our sweet and refreshing Pomegranate Pear scent, these suds are all dressed up with the cutest colors and illustrations that will make tub time even more FUN! Below, get to know Asahi as we check in on all things mamahood, especially how she incorporates her Japanese culture and love for art into her everyday rituals with her little one.
Q: How do you feel supported as a mom?
A: Motherhood is one of the most fulfilling parts of my life. Although I experience a roller-coaster of emotions— happiness, frustration, exhaustion, heart-bursting love— each in the most extreme ways. It has been really nice to have people I can talk to and lean on for advice and support when I go through some of the transitional times with our baby. Whether it's a friend who is also a mom, random mom at the park, a mom next door, or another creator who I met on social media who is also a mom, they can understand what a struggle and a joy it is to be a mom, and that kind of bond has been super important for me when our baby was going through sleep training, teething, first fever and more. Just chatting with other moms about how difficult the struggle can be, helps me deal with the hard days. And it has been truly awesome to have a community where I can share happy news when my baby takes the first steps, learns a new word, and every time she becomes able to do something new. I am grateful for how strong and supportive the community of mamas is out there.
Q: How does your Japanese culture influence your daily rituals?
A: We speak both in English and Japanese at our home. My husband and I read Japanese children's books and sing rhymes in Japanese to our baby. Our baby can sing a rhyme in the English version and the Japanese version!
Asahi Nagata with her Tubby Todd Bubble Bath collaboration
Q: What surprised you most in motherhood? A: Coffee doesn’t even begin to work anymore.
Q: How does being an artist give you a unique outlook on motherhood?
A: As much as I love to draw for my work, I love drawing for my baby! I draw simple objects and animals on a piece of paper, and my baby points them out and tells me what they are. Soon she should be able to draw with me. I can't wait to do so many art crafts and activities, and have so much fun together!
Asahi Nagata's daughter at her mama's work station
Pomegranate Pear Bubble Bath featuring designs by Asahi Nagata
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