Tubby Todd x Studio DIY: Vanilla Cake Smash

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Photos courtesy of Studio DIY!

Our limited edition Vanilla Cake Smash Hair & Body Wash is here! We designed this yummy, extra tubby wash in collaboration with the incredibly colorful and creative Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY! That's right! The Tubby Todd Studio DIY (s)mash up you've all been waiting for! Below, find out where Kelly drew inspiration for the sweet, celebratory Cake Smash label design and learn how she makes life (and bathtime!) a party.

Q: Tell us about you! Where did you get your incredible eye for style and design?

A: I’ve been crafting and designing for as long as I can remember. My mom always had some sort of creative project in my hands and I started my first business at age 15! Shortly after moving to California in 2011 is when my love for color really blossomed and I’ve never looked back, adding a punch of color to everything in my life, big or small. I love that good design and a dose of happy hues can instantly change your mood, and I feel lucky that I get to share my passion for both with the world!

Tubby Todd Mama Blog

Q: What was your inspiration for the Cake Smash Hair & Body Wash?

A: There’s something so nostalgic about sprinkles, funfetti and birthday cake—takes you right back to blowing out the candles on your classroom cupcakes, right!? Since becoming a mom, I’ve really enjoyed re-living some of my favorite moments and memories from my childhood with my son, like making him a cake every year for his birthday just like my mom did for me, and making new memories together too, like filling his room with balloons on special days. Every day is worthy of a party if you ask me, so that was the inspiration for this collab!

Q: Tell us how you make bathtime a party for you and your little one.

A: We have daily dance parties in our house. Sometimes they happen before breakfast, but most often they happen after dinner and continue right on through to bathtime! We blast the music and sing and dance together, using shampoo bottles as microphones. It’s a total blast!

Tubby Todd Mama Blog

Q: Give us three of your favorite party themes.

A: Anything sunshine and rainbows, a good pool party and any and every food theme! (Fruit, pizza, sprinkles, I’m not picky!)

Q: What’s the next big celebration on the calendar for you and your family?

A: Is it weird that I’m already thinking about Arlo’s third birthday party? He just turned two a few months ago! In the meantime, I’m also hoping to throw a holiday party for him and his buddies this year!

Q: Quick, name your favorite flavor of cake!

A: Chocolate may win out as my favorite, with funfetti and carrot cake both close behind. Never met a cake slice I didn’t like! ;)

Shop Cake Smash Hair & Body Wash HERE.

Tubby Todd Mama Blog
Tubby Todd Mama Blog
Tubby Todd Mama Blog
Tubby Todd Mama Blog
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