#tubbytoddtip — Read to your little one in the bath

 A woman reading to children in a bath in black and white
As parents, we are always looking for more opportunities to get our kids off of their iPads and into books. Right? Lately I have been carrying a few books with me in my purse to give to the kids while we are driving in the car. Another favorite place of mine to sneak in some reading time is in the bathtub. One of our favorite bath time activities is to read together. I like to stack a few books next to the bathtub to have them handy while the kids are playing. Once the kids are in the bath you need to be by their side, and so it is nice to be prepared with activities. Plus, if you have a child who typically has a hard time sitting still for story time, bath time is the perfect amount of containment to help get them familiar with listening and following along. I can't think of a better way to capitalize on the unique parenting situation bath time provides.  I love these images Taplin Photography snapped of me reading to these cuties. 
What are your tricks for getting your kids into books? I'd love to hear! 
Woman reading to 2 children in an outdoor bathtub
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