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Baby wearing sunglasses

I am excited to share a new series on our blog, called "Tubby Todd Family." We will be featuring different ways people use our product and how it works with their family. 
Meet Owen. He is the most darling six month old boy. He was recently diagnosed with albinism and as a result, has low-vision and extremely sensitive skin. Below, his mom, Alie from Delighted To Be, shares their journey. I am so touched by Alie's commitment to her little guy, I know you will be too. 

"Aside from not knowing what it is, the number one reaction I get when people learn he has albinism is, "but his hair is strawberry blonde!" People with albinism have little or no pigment in their skin, eyes, and hair. They inherit altered genes that do not produce the normal amount of pigment (melanin). But there are different types of albinism, and Owen has type 2, or OCA2. This means he has a tiny bit more pigment in his skin and hair than a type 1 would have, hence the strawberry blonde hair.

Owen's eyes are also affected by albinism, and he will have low-vision his entire life. In fact, at 4.5 months old he finally started to recognize my face! Tears still well up in my eyes every time he smiles at me. :) He might always be legally blind, or his vision might improve significantly to the point where he can drive a car. We don't know yet, but we have him in vision therapy and feel so blessed there are so many technologies for the visually impaired these days.

Little Owen is also very sensitive to sunlight, and requires sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses whenever we're outside for more than a very short period of time. The sun literally blinds him. He's high-risk for skin damage from the sun because his body doesn't have the necessary tools to "process" sunlight, so we're always slathering sunscreen on him. This used to really freak me out (okay, it still does!) because people typically don't put sunscreen on little babies! But we use a high-quality mineral sunscreen that is chemical-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, oil-free, and propylene glycol-free. We do the best we can to protect his sensitive skin and keep nasty ingredients out of his system. We love that Tubby Todd is totally natural too, and washes off all the sunscreen applications of the day. His skin super smooth and soft after bath time, and I literally find myself petting him because his skin is so deliciously creamy. With other washes, he would break out in red bumps with but not AT ALL with Tubby Todd. 

I love the art design of the bottle, the literal bottle shape, the smell of it...everything." 

Thank you for sharing Alie! We love that little Owen and we think you are an incredible mom- that little guy is lucky to have you! Below are a few shots that Allie took with her Owen in her beautiful bathroom. This mama does it all!




Baby smiling in bath
Baby laying in bath
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