#tubbytoddfavorites — Bath time favorites

What are the bath time staples at your home? Pictured above are a few we can't live without! 
Tubby Todd Wash, Lotion and Bubbles
Puj Big Hug towels
Puj Snug Spout Cover
Boon stacking boats
dōTERRA Lavender and Roman Camomile essential oils are the perfect after bath care products for your little one.  Both are calming to the skin and can soothe diaper or other skin irritations, bug bites, ear pain, minor burns, cuts/scrapes and promoting a restful night sleep. 
Suggested Blend: Add 1 drop each of Lavender and Roman Camomile to 1 teaspoon of Fractionated Coconut Oil.  Combine and use as an after bath moisturizer to promote healthy skin and restful sleep. 
What other bath products can't you live without? I'd love to hear! 
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