2019 Tubby Todd Resolutions

2019—We are SO ready for you! Here are some of the many goals we have for our company this year:

Go Green!

We are going to be offering more refillable, eco-friendly solutions for your whole fam via shipping and at The Tub Hub in Carlsbad. Think: Refillable packaging online, places to fill up product in person and better designed, less wasteful outer packaging for our bottles. Starting on January 10th, you can come to The Tub Hub and use our refilling station for Lavender and Rosemary Hair & Body Wash to keep your Extra Tubby bottles full all year long.


This year we will be providing YOU even more tools for taking care of yourself while you’re taking care of your little ones. Think: More instructional content on how to be the best version of yourself, classes—like baby massage and pre-natal, and new products for parents, moms, care givers, and babies to help them feel their best every single day. You know our Mama Line? Well, we’re revamping it for on-the-go busy mamas. Also, soon we are starting a new video series with Andrea Faulkner Williams on her pregnancy with week-by-week updates on her everyday life, habits, and mindset heading into baby #4. Follow The Mama Blog to keep up.

Clean Ingredients

With our ingredient deck we are always looking to work with the newest ingredients in the industry to help your entire fam— especially the sensitive skinned babes. Think: New products and a few updated formulas with even cleaner, better performing ingredients. We are working toward more USDA Certified Organic products so we can give your family the best of the best. Also, to have a more dynamic product line, we will start replacing natural ingredients for organic ingredients starting this year.

Now, what are your goals in 2019? Do any of them align with ours? We would love to hear below!

xx Team Tubby

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