Tubby Todd + Rad & Happy

Introducing our Valentine's Day Collaboration

This love season, we collaborated with Rad & Happy to design our Valentine's Day Hair & Body Wash labels—they are filled with heart and lots of love. See where Tara Larson, Founder of Rad & Happy got her inspiration from for the designs and learn a little bit about what love means through her eyes!

Q: Tell us about you! How did you get started in illustration?
A: Hi! My name is Tara and I am a mom of 3 littles and a designer and illustrator who will never say no to a donut. My journey to becoming an illustrator for sure wasn’t a, "Wake up when I am 5, decide that’s what I want to do, and never stray the course" kinda situation. More of a, I really like art but was never that good at it, thought about graphic design, but then went the dental hygiene route instead only to back out with one class left, while also taking automotive classes and floral design cause why not? I finally came full circle though and graduated with a graphic design major and a photography minor. I was a full time photographer for a few years till we welcomed our first baby into the family and we moved.

There was a few year quilting tangent where I designed, made, and sold quilts. I was crazy drawn to the patterns and designs and loved the modern take people were starting to put on quilting. Then one day I decided I enjoyed hand lettering too much to be bad at it so I made it a goal to work on it every single day. Didn’t matter if it was terrible crap, I just figured if I put enough hours with a pencil in my hand, that eventually it would pay off. And it did! I up and stopped quilting one random day and never looked back and just went full throttle with designing and illustrating. I’ve been able to create some pretty awesome products, subscriptions, and classes and I freaking love it. I am always trying to learn and grow and it’s just been a really fun/ crazy journey that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Q: What was your inspiration for the Tubby Todd Hair & Body Wash label?
A: Above everything else, I love being a mom. Sure there are hard moments but the good is SO GOOD. Like chasing a clean chubby baby butt fresh out of the bath and mashing them with all the love and kisses. There just isn’t anything better and that’s what I wanted this label to represent: all of the happy hearts bursting. I love my baby moments that make mom life magical.

Q: Define what true love means to you!
A: When a friend shows up with tacos. Or my husband rubs my feet. Haha, but for real. True love to me is being so grateful for someone that you just want to do whatever you can to make them happy. It’s not that that person is perfect, but that you have developed a level of gratitude for them to see you through the imperfections. And then acting on that gratitude with a full heart.

Q: Give us an acronym for L.O.V.E. as it relates to your everyday life.
L—Loud. Oh my gosh my family is loud. I wish I could blame my husband but they 100% get it from their crazy mom.
O—Outward. Our family saying is, “We are kind and grateful.” So trying not to think about ourselves, but project love outwards and look out for each other.
V—Very forgiving. Lots of do overs and restarts.
E—Engulfed in love no matter what. I might do a lot of things wrong as a mom, but as long as they feel loved, I’m gonna count that as a win.

Q: What are the ways you show love every single day to those in your home?
A: I do all my work from home which makes it really easy to multi-task 100% of my day. But, I’ve been making an effort to make sure each kid gets at least a few minutes of total and complete 1 one 1, I am focused on nothing else but you time. Nothing monumentally memorable, but enough to remind them that they are so dang loved. Also my one and a half year old runs to the window and says, “I love you have a good day!” whenever the older kids leave for school or my husband leaves for work over and over until they get in the car and drive away. It's so freaking cute I can’t even deal! And lots of hugs. And do overs. And I’m sorry’s. And donuts.

Q: What are the top things you are loving right now? (books, blogs, podcasts, etc) you could recommend to others?
A: I just discovered Muji Pens and I’m obsessed with their perfection. The Big Bottle Co. sells a water bottle big enough to fit my daily water intake which is equally ridiculous and awesome. I am really enjoying the When Ice Cream Hits The Fan and the Alison Show's podcasts and am trying to convert the world to monochrome laser printers. You never run out of ink (seriously for like years) and when you print out coloring pages (like from my Color Happy pages) the ink doesn’t smear when you use markers. I am also on the quest for the perfect wallet and have yet to find it, but I am determined and will keep you guys updated.

A HUGE thanks to Tara for sharing her outlook on love with us and telling us about her inspo for our new Valentine's Day Hair & Body Wash. Shop now to give your little ones a sweet surprise in February! Also, don't forget download a free Valentine's Color Happy!

xx Team Tubby

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