Teaching our daughters to dream

Mother reading book to daughter

Yesterday I spoke to a group of over 100 teenage girls ages 12-18. They were at a summer church camp and I was asked to come give a 45 minute presentation. I always agonize over speaking assignments, but I was especially wrought up about this one. My only hope was that I would say something that would help just one of these beautiful girls during such a volatile time in their lives. The night before I spoke I went into my four-year-old daughter's room while she was sleeping. She laid sprawled out across the bed breathing heavily. As I sat at the foot of her bed staring at her, the thought came to me that I should tell these girls just what I would want my own little girl to know. And so I did. Here's what I shared. 

I believe that we live in the most beautiful season of the world. For the first time is history no limitations are placed on women's abilities to perform in the work place, in the home, or in academia. When I looked at my little girl that night on the bed, what I wanted to tell her was that she can do whatever she dreams. If she learns how to work hard, she will learn to believe in herself and that confidence and hard work will make it possible to do whatever she sets her mind to. We live in a world that has limitless possibilities, and if she will keep her priorities inline, all of her goals will eventually be obtainable. 

My goal, is to be the purest example of hard work and love for this little girl. I am not perfect and there are a lot of days when I'm discouraged by how well I do. But, I hope she will see me continue to try each day to be a little better, a little kinder, a little softer. I feel unbelievably lucky to have her to help me learn along the way. 

 What is your dream for little girls? How do you help inspire and teach them? I'd love to hear!



 P.S. Between launching our Tubby Todd bath soap line, raising my two little ones, and my husband starting a new job, I also published a book last year! (Whaaaat? Did I even sleep?) It's called Tell Me About It, Sister! The day the published version of the book arrived, my little daughter Jo was there to open it with me. It was a moment I will always remember sharing with her.

Also, this is the first installment of our #tubbytoddsoapbox series. Check out #2 here!

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