Bathing a Newborn

photo of newborn baby

Let's be honest here: the first few baths with your new baby are both exciting and a little overwhelming. We're here to help.

First, fill your tub. You'll only need a few inches for baby's first baths. We've tried out an assortment of baby tubs, but we've also really loved using the bathroom and kitchen sinks! (Babies are slippery, so sometimes it's helpful to put a towel underneath them while they're in the water.) Keep a couple of fluffy towels close by.

Next, undress your baby. Making sure you hold her head steady, gently lower her into the bath. Frequently pour cupfuls of water over your baby to keep her warm. You can either use a washcloth to bathe your baby, or your hands.

If your baby doesn't love the bath right away, don't be discouraged. It's a new sensation, and she will grow to love it soon, especially when you introduce her to our Bubble Bath! ;)


A few common questions:

Is the water the right temperature? Trust your instincts here. You're essentially looking for warm bath water, nothing too hot but not too cold either. (That sounds vague, ha!) Would you climb in the tub with your baby? If so, then the water is probably just fine.

How often should I bathe my baby? Most pediatricians recommend sponge-baths until your baby's umbilical cord falls off (and your baby boy's circumcision is mostly healed). For the first year, three times a week is a good start. But keep in mind that older kids are messier and may require more baths, and many people love giving a bath every night as part of their bedtime routine. Many bath soaps dry out the skin, but our Hair & Body Wash is specifically formulated to be very moisturizing.

What about my newborn's sensitive skin? Our full line of Tubby Todd products is safe for even the most sensitive newborn skin. Using natural ingredients and plant extracts, we've formulated them to be extra gentle, but effective. They are perfect for tiny faces, and won't sting or irritate your baby's eyes (but obviously with any product, use caution on the face). Don't forget to toss a bottle of our Hair & Body Wash in your hospital bag for baby's first bath!

How can I help prevent eczema or irritation? Many babies get cradle cap, diaper rashes, rough skin patches, and eczema. To help prevent irritations before they start, follow up bath time with a lotion rub-down. (Try our Everyday Lotion!) This will help baby's body retain moisture.


We hope this helps! xo

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