Bathing a Toddler

It's time to take a bath!

We don't know about you, but our kids certainly don't cringe at those words! My littlest runs excitedly up the stairs to the bathtub when he hears the word, "bath". Toddlers love to splash and explore the water. It's a great place for kids to learn and be inspired, and you'll be just as excited because for once they'll actually be clean for a few minutes. ;)

Last week we shared about bathing newborns, but today we want to share a few tips we've learned about bathing toddlers. It's a whole different ballgame!

  • To keep younger ones from slipping, you can put a no-slip plastic bath mat on the floor of the bathtub. We picked ours up at IKEA, but Munchkin and Skip Hop have fun options too.
  • For younger toddlers, let them pick a few toys out themselves instead of dumping the entire basket in. That way you won't overwhelm them with options.
  • Get creative with your bath toys. We actually love plastic tumblers, whisks, and colanders in our tubby baths! 
  • To earn those bonus "cool mom" points, use a squeeze of Tubby Todd Bubble Bath as the water is filling in the tub. Swish your hand around to make even more bubbles. The whole bathroom will start to smell like a delicious orange grove, and your kids will have billions of bubbles to make bubble beards with.
  • Encourage creative play! Make bubble beards and spell out words with foam bath letters. Go scuba diving with her Barbie doll. Scoop up bubbles with his Tonka truck. This is a great time to really get on your hands and knees at your toddler's eye level.
  • Read your toddler a (board) book in the bathtub. This is especially great if you need to hurry up the bedtime routine — it's a two-in-one!

Most of all, let their imagination run wild. Bath time should be a happy, enjoyable activity that helps you and your kids unwind. Let them splash a little—it's just water. This is such a perfect time to really get one-on-one time with your kids...make it count! 

Our plant-based baby wash is formulated to be extra gentle on tubby faces and toes, but you'll also find it's surprisingly effective at cleansing and moisturizing. You'll love how rich and sudsy it is — one squeeze goes a long way!

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