4 Steps for After Sun Skincare

It happens— sometimes we might not get quite enough sunscreen on our little ones (or on ourselves!), miss a spot, or forget to reapply. That’s why having a plan for after-sun skincare is a must, especially for kiddos with sensitive skin. Here’s what we recommend: 

  1. Put your kiddos in a cool bath with a few pumps of Tubby Todd Bubble Bath. The suds will relax ‘em and the gentle formula won’t further irritate the skin. 
  2. After the bath, apply Dream Cream all over the body. Dream Cream is FULL of great ingredients like aloe, shea butter, avocado and macadamia nut oil that are great for caring for sensitive skin. 
  3. Then, apply All Over Ointment on top of the Dream Cream. AOO’s tried-and-true formula helps to hydrate dry skin, lock irritants out and build that moisture barrier, baby!
  4. Finally, put on some clean and cool jammies (ones that don't scratch or rub)

Would we even be a skincare brand without mentioning—don't forget the SPF! Stock up on all things sunscreen to keep skin protected all season long. Find out which Tubby SPF is right for you!

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