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We are constantly inspired by the amazing mamas in our Tubby Todd community. In our new Inspired by series we will be profiling some of these incredible women and giving you a little glimpse into their lives as they discuss family, careers, style and more!

Today we're Inspired by Amanda Jane Jones, a graphic designer and mama to (soon-to-be) three littles! We chatted with Amanda about everyday life, future goals and what influences her personal mama style. Read our interview (and get inspired!) below.

Tubby Todd Mama Blog

Q: What does an average day look like for you?

A: Cree and I always wake up to Miles’ little feet running down the hallway to wake us up. He has one of those clocks that changes green when it’s time to wake up, but he likes to come tell us it’s not green yet...just in case we were wondering. We cuddle as a family when Jane gets up and then get ready for our day. We eat breakfast together every morning and then Cree drops Jane off at school and then Miles and I get to go on adventures. I’m loving all of our time together before he starts preschool and baby brother gets here.

Q: We know you’re an artist and graphic designer, but you have incredible personal style as well! Who are some of your mama style icons?

A: I love following Jenna and Cary of Ace and Jig —they are both mothers and have created such an iconic style that I adore! I also follow Wit and Delight—her interior style is always spot on, and I also love following Abby Clawson Low—she’s such an inspiration both in design and life!

Q: What is the biggest lesson you have learned from motherhood?

A: Not to have expectations, you know your kids the best, and to just enjoy the season you're in!

I was talking to a parent the other day—he saw I was pregnant and also had two other kids. He was completely shocked I wanted another one and even more shocked when I revealed I actually want four! I told him that I loved being a parent and found it all so amazing. He then said…"yeah, until it’s not!" I’ve thought about that so many times since. Yes, Miles still occasionally pees in my face (learning to aim is so tricky guys!), yes, Jane has broken records by how fast she can destroy a room with craft supplies and dress ups. Yes, I’m tired all the time, and yes, I’ve had to wrangle a thrashing and screaming child out of the target toy aisles. But really, when you think about it, those crazy moments make up, what 5% of life? The other 95% is the sweetest giggles, holding hands while you cross the street, a window sill lined with wilted dandelions that you just can’t seem to throw away yet, it’s morning cuddles, and nap cuddles and nighttime cuddles! It’s listening to them read a full book to themselves for the first time or listening to them play pretend in the next room over. It’s surprising them with a family ice cream date! I mean the list goes on and on.

We keep a sporadic blessing journal and pull it out when we need a boost or a reminder of just how great life really is. Once you start thinking about all the wonderful things in life, all those little fits and pee mishaps seem so much smaller.

Tubby Todd Mama Blog

Q: If you could have a conversation with your pre-mama self, what would you say to her?

A: Oh! So many things. I was TERRIFIED of being a mother. I really didn’t know if I had it in my to the day I delivered. I had a crazy dream the week Jane (my first) was born. I was feeding her smoothies at one week old and forgetting her shoes and just random things like that. And in my dream, she would speak to me and say, “it’s ok mama!” And what’s funny is, she says that to me all the time. I’m constantly making mistakes, or losing my patience and Jane, my sweet compassionate girl, always says, “it’s ok mama!” and it is! We all make mistakes, especially mamas.

When I had Jane, I was also told not to spoil her by letting her fall asleep on you, set patterns early, stick to the schedule! I’m sure many of those things are true at some point, but with my second, I made a pact with myself to cuddle more, to plan less and to just soak it in. And I have to say, being a parent to a newborn was much more enjoyable and less stressful with that mentality.

Q: You’re expecting your third babe! What advice do you wish you had been given before becoming a mama?

A: You're what your child needs. Don’t worry about all the advice that comes in from other people - you’re the expert!

Tubby Todd Mama Blog

Q: In what way would you say your little ones are most like you? How are they different?

A: I think about this so often - Jane is really really athletic. I’m amazed at how strong she is—physical things just come really naturally to her (like her dad)— for me they are a struggle. She can run for hours and still have energy. Miles is the opposite. He’s a homebody like his mama and needs some quiet time and rest. They both love to do art projects which is like me and they are both very particular about how they dress...which I think is probably also me. Ha!

Q: We love hearing people talk about their dreams. What are some of yours? They can be simple and small, bucket list goals or experiences, or an overall grand hope for life.

A: Well, a long time dream of mine was to publish a children’s book and our first book comes out this fall! We found a wonderful publisher, Prestel, that just lets us be us and we’re so excited to see it on shelves!

Q: How do you make bath time fun with your little ones. Do you have a favorite routine? Favorite Tubby Todd product?

A: We always do lots of bubbles. We make soapy hair mohawks, play peekaboo with the curtain and sing “I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair” among other bathtime faves. Its a sweet time. Everyone is always in a good mood after bath—all ready for jammies and books and cuddles. One of my favorite times of day. My favorite Tubby Todd product is the All Over Ointment - it's a miracle cream!

Q: What is something you’re most looking forward to in the coming year? In the next five years?

A: Our little rainbow baby! Praying with all our hearts he makes it here in August.

Q: Can you share a memory or moment where you felt strong and empowered as a mama?

A: I remember our first trip abroad with two kids. We did a stop over in Iceland for 12 days and decided to start slow with a small hike. Miles was riding with me in his carrier once we reached the top of the peak and he got hungry. I’d never tried nursing on the go, but felt like now would be the time! I got everything all situated and was feeling pretty amazed with myself as we started the hike back down when he bit down on my nipple so hard I thought I’d lost it. Cree snapped a photo at the exact moment. My face says it all. It’s one of my favorites. It’s a humbling memory, but also ironically, one that makes me feel strong and capable.

Tubby Todd Mama Blog

Follow along with Amanda and her family on Instagram @amandajanejones.

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