Paper and Stitch Shares Secrets for Hanging the Perfect Gallery Wall

Tubby Todd Mama Blog How to Style a Kids Gallery Wall in Under and Hour A simple gallery wall, like this one, can bring instant personality to a child’s space, and really set the tone for the entire room. The only downside is gallery walls can feel like a lot of work! And they can be…if you let them! But if you’re willing to simplify (i.e. keep the number of pieces down to 5 or even 7), it’s a lot easier to put together than you might think. Here’s how you can style (and hang) a gallery wall in under an hour. Step 1: Gather all the artwork you want to use in one place and start laying things out. Choose a spot with lots of empty floor space, so you’ll be able to visualize all the pieces together, before hanging. Step 2: Start with your larger pieces, along with the pieces that mean the most to you. That drawing that your son did when he was two, a framed hospital bracelet from when your daughter was born, etc. Decide where you want those to go first (maybe toward the middle as a focal point). Then you can start laying smaller pieces down around them. Tubby Todd Mama Blog Step 3: Once you have everything laid out how you like it, it’s time to hang. There’s just one more thing you’ll have to do first… Here’s how to hang your entire gallery wall perfectly, every time. Trace each frame onto a piece of large paper and cut it out. Then, mark where the nail holes should go on each piece of paper. Then tape all the paper ‘frames’ to the wall, in the arrangement you liked from step 2. Once it’s up on the wall, if you’re not happy with how any pieces looks, you can move them around. This is a good time to figure out the spacing you like between each piece as well. Step 4: Once you have everything where you like it, hammer in wall hangers and nails at each mark you made on the traced pieces of paper. Then rip the paper off the wall and hang your artwork. It’s a little time consuming, but it makes gallery walls full-proof. And the whole process from start to finish takes less than an hour. Not too bad, timing-wise, right? P.S. If you’re looking for nice, affordable frames for your gallery wall, check out my modern frames post for all my pre-made framing sources. Tubby Todd Mama Blog
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