Our Favorite Holiday Advent Rituals

Tubby Advent Gift Set We are so excited to introduce our seasonal collection in collaboration with Kid Made Modern: Tubby Advent! We chose this theme as a way to highlight those special, magical traditions that we celebrate as a family every year leading up to the Holiday season. This year especially feels like it could use just a little Holiday cheer and it is our hope that you're able to slow down and really soak in some of these special times with your sweet little ones. We've highlighted some of our favorite ways to advent below, they don't have to be complicated or expensive—in fact we believe that some of the simplest traditions can create the most special memories for your family. Tell us how your family advents in the comments below!

A Book a Day

One way to celebrate the season leading up to the Holidays is to keep a special collection of themed books that you can bring out after Thanksgiving! You can wrap them up and let your kiddos choose one to open and read as a family each day, OR just keep them in a stack and let them make their selection that way! Your little ones will look forward to them each year since they aren't always on the book shelf, and the stories will become a special part of the Holiday season.

Swap Those Scents

While it's definitely fun to go all-out with Holiday decor, you can achieve the same effect by making simple swaps in some of your daily routines. We love that our special Holiday scents have become a part of so many of your homes and Holiday celebrations. We love to switch out or regular products for these extra festive options as a Holiday treat for our babes. This year's designs in collaboration with Kid Made Modern will add a little cheer to your tub or countertop too!

Letters from Loved Ones

One of the simplest but most special ideas to celebrate the Holidays with your family. Each Thanksgiving have everyone write a small note or message and stash them away someplace safe. As the Holidays get closer, choose a note to read each day. There will always be sweet new messages for your little ones to look forward to, and they'll start to get familiar with some of the older classics! If your family isn't able to gather for Thanksgiving this year, send out a request for your relatives to mail a short, simple note to start the tradition!

Advent Calendar

Of course we had to add an advent calendar to this list—the perfect way to create a moment every day to celebrate together as a family! Our Tubby Advent Gift Set features a DIY Holiday Advent Calendar by Kid Made Modern that your little crafters will love! With a unique craft for each day take some of the pressure out of the planning process with this failsafe option. The crafts can be saved as special family keepsakes or gifted to friends for the Holidays!

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Tubby Advent Gift Set including Kid Made Modern DIY Advent Calendar and Seasonal Tubby Todd scents

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