Top 6 Tubby Tips of 2020

Customize hydration by mixing a few drops of Baby Massage Oil with your moisturizer of choice This year we shared lots of insider info on some of our very favorite ways to use TT. We've rounded up six of the highest clicked Tubby Tips to recap 2020 as we head into the new year and get ready to share even more! 1. Customize While You Moisturize For a little customized hydration during the cooler months, add a few drops of our Baby Massage Oil to your Everyday Lotion or Dream Cream for an extra surge of moisture! Make up your perfect mixture and apply directly after the shower or bath for soft, happy, hydrated skin! 2. The Tub Is Your Hydration Hub While it seems obvious to treat dry, sensitive skin with moisturizer we have found that body wash is just as important! Some ingredients can actually strip moisture from skin, but our Hair + Body Wash is formulated to ADD MOISTURE while it gently cleans, creating the perfect base of hydration to follow up with lotion and ointment! 3. Breast Friend Forever Start using our Organic Nipple Balm a few days BEFORE your due date. Delivery can cause dehydration and be stressful on skin (not to mention Mama!). Applying Balm twice daily in advance will start conditioning skin and make the transition into nursing a little bit easier on you and your little one! 4. Best Bubbly Bath For maximum bubbly fun during bathtime, turn faucet on full blast (the more water pressure the better, Mama!). Pump Bubble Bath directly under running water, then swish water in an S motion to really agitate those suds for a tub full of bubbles! 5. AOO for ALL Did you know All Over Ointment isn't just for babes?! Mamas, dads, grandparents—anyone can use AOO! Aside from it being a great way to hydrate dry, sensitive skin, we've seen it used on cuticles, after shaving, even to remove makeup! Truly a balm for everything (and everyone!). 6. Pump It Up Tubby pumps are where it's at! Our new 8.5oz bottles come guessed it—a pump! It makes it so much easier to grab and go with that whole arms-full, one-hand-free mom life that we've all got goin' on.
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