2021 Tubby Todd Resolutions

2021 Tubby Resolutions As we look back on the past year and all of its struggles we can honestly say that we have so much to be grateful for! At the beginning of 2020 we set out three resolutions as a brand that would help shape our growth for the year. Despite all the crazy ups and downs that 2020 threw at us we feel so proud that we were still able to pursue achieving these goals—and of course we couldn't have done it without all of you! Read on below for a refresher and update on our resolutions for the past year and to see what we've got planned for 2021. Sending all our Tubby Todd families so much love and wishes for a happy and healthy new year! 2020 Recap 1. New AND Improved Products In 2020 we hope to improve our existing products as much as we can, and we are very excited to have several brand new products in the works! Our goal as a company (and the reason Brian and Andrea started Tubby Todd in the first place) is to bring skincare solutions to families like yours! In 2020, We launched some great new products to add to your family's everyday routine! 2. Build Our Tubby Todd Mama Community The Tubby Todd Mama Community is a special one! These women and their families are at the core of everything we do here at TT and in 2020 we committed to build this incredible community and offer even more support and encouragement to these mamas (that’s you!). This past year we had to do a hard pandemic pivot and move all of our community events online. We added our Mamapalooza events where we brought together some incredible women to help inspire and support our Mamas, we added over 2,000 new Mama ambassadors to help share the Tubby Todd Bubbly love, and we launched our new Mama Blog with content filled with how-tos, Mamas who inspire, and lots of other helpful resources! You can check out the full recap of our most recent Mamapalooza HERE! 3. Give Back We are the most proud of what we did this year in helping support our charitable partner Baby2Baby. This year we gave 1% of sales to Baby2Baby through the donation of over 6,500 bottles of soap and lotion to help families in need to receive skincare essentials. Plus we were able to provide over 200 families that inspired us with a Year of Tubby Todd bath products! Read their stories HERE!

2021 Resolutions

1. Give Back
  • Donate 1% of top line to families in need
  • Continue to partner with Baby2Baby
  • Work with other organizations to expand charitable giving opportunities
2. Reduce Waste
  • Provide packaging solutions to cut back on 40,000 8oz plastic bottles
  • Sell 2,000 Gallon products = 30,000 plastic bottles saved as well as replace 10,000 bottles with bar soap and Extra Tubby sales
3. Share Stories As we move into 2021 with the uncertainty of where and how our world will change the one thing we know we can do is help bring more joy to others, continue supporting our Mamas, and showcasing the amazing families that inspire us all year long!
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