Establishing a Back to School Routine

Sending your little ones back to school is full of so many emotions, ups and downs for both parents and little ones. The easiest way to alleviate the stress of the new school year is clear bedtime and morning routines. Below are our suggestions for creating easy, stress-free routines for the new school year. 

Bath time the night before

Once dinner is wrapped up and it's time to get ready for bed, get the water running in the tub and gather your little ones for some bath time fun. Here are some simple steps for a fun night in the bath with your babes!

1. Once the water starts running, squeeze Bubble Bath directly into running water

2. Using your hand, swish the Bubble Bath into the running water for the best bubbles (having your little ones do this is fun!)

3. Once your kiddos are splashing around in the tub, it's time to start washing them up with Hair & Body Wash for a fresh lavender and rosemary scent

4. Remember that one small squeeze is all you need to create a rich lather from head to toe

5. After bath time, use the Everyday Lotion and All Over Ointment (in that order) to lock in moisture

6. This will give your kiddos the softest skin before getting in their PJ's and they will go to bed feeling clean, cozy, and confident

Getting ready for the school day

Structured morning routines are the easiest way to help your little ones get out the door with the least amount of drama. Here are some products to get your babe looking stylish before they are ready to go.

  1. Yummy Lemon Detangler to help comb through those overnight knots and tangles for a fresh hairdo
  2. PLAY Mineral Sunscreen to apply before your little ones walk out the door for ultimate skin protection at recess and lunch in the hot sun
  3. Travel Everyday Lotion for after washing hands in the bathroom (since kids go to the bathroom 10x in one day)

What are some of the ways you get your little ones ready for school? We'd love to hear your routines. Comment below! 




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