Tubby Todd Tip: Alone Time for Little Ones

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Just like parents appreciate a quiet moment to themselves to get away from the chaos, so do little ones. Kids are constantly running around, playing, eating, dancing, etc. and sometimes is so good for them to slow down their little brains and benefit from some peace and quiet. 

Kids are more creative then we give them credit for. Their minds are racing at 100 miles per hour, but in that chaos, they are always creating, thinking, and building which is the neatest part of their personalities. That being said, the brain can only handle so much without taking a break or being over worked. Just as we as adults take mental breaks, it's important to implement that in your home with your little ones.

Here are some tips on how to let your kiddos get into their optimal state of mind:

Be an advocate of daydreaming!

Sometimes when kids daydream, they can be labeled as weird or spacey, but daydreaming can be a one minute escape for them! Making big plans in their minds about who knows what—that's half the fun of being in a good stare or daydream.

Set up quiet play time in their rooms

Take a break from the running around and yelling through the house and set up a quiet game in their rooms so they can play quietly by themselves or with a sibling. If they know that not all playing has to be CRAZY, they will learn to appreciate those quiet moments on a soft and fluffy rug in their room.

Buy books with colorful and busy artwork 

This is the BEST brain stimulation! Exploring bold and vibrant colors on a page can help them get lost in their thoughts for a while and let them create a unique world of their own within each page. 

Let them play outside and feel the breeze

There's no better place to use an imagination than outside in the sunshine and breeze. Activities like building forts, tree houses, and dancing around in the grass is not only as raw as it gets, but spending time in the sun and getting a little vitamin D is good for the soul. 

Teach them how to control breathing

Another neat approach to alone time is the art of controlled breathing. Often times, kids can get overwhelmed, just like we as adults do. We don't take kiddos stress as seriously because we think they don't have as much responsibility as us, but in fact, the stress they feel is equivalent to ours or greater. They have the ultimate stressor of all: figuring out how to be a kid! 

Teaching your kids how to take long inhalations and exhalations can help them relax and not feel as wound up. Try doing 10 long breaths before bed and see if it makes a difference! Calm the mind. 

All children can reap the benefits of alone time. A relaxed and quiet mind is fertile ground for planting new ideas and being creative. Solitude is necessary for all kids to renew their spirits when they’re worn out from everything going on around them. Just like social time and activities with friends is such a priority in a little one's life, we need to place the same value in solo time!

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