How to deal with toddler tantrums

Sleep — Even adults have been known to throw tantrums when they’re overtired. If tantrum-throwing seems excessive at your house, you might try for an earlier bedtime. Avoid stretching outings into naptime, too. If you’re carting around a tired toddler, you’re askin’ for it.
Eat — We all know what it’s like to be hangry. Having healthy snacks on hand can help. If you’re heading out to run errands. Let your little one pack and carry her own bag of snacks and small toys. This will make her feel big and give her a sense of control. 
Give Options — Constantly being told what to do is a bummer. When possible, let your toddler make his own decisions. “Do you want to put that toy back on the shelf or would you like me to do it?” “Would you like to ride in the cart or walk beside me?”
Praise the Good — When your child is cooperating, give her props. She wants to please you and will respond to your encouragement. You could reward her by reading a book together or playing a game.
You know as well as anyone that parenting a toddler takes patience, and patience, and patience. When tantrums come — and they will — remember to play it cool (link to Toddler Tantrums: How to Weather the Storm), keep your sense of humor, and have your own bag of MAMA snacks handy, just in case.
1., October 16, 2016
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