Beach Baby: How to Keep Beach Sand at the Beach

1. Try the Sandoff Dry Body Wash — Baby powder helps remove sand at the beach, but you have to use A LOT to get the job done. This little gem is a mitt with a special blend of all-natural powders inside. It’s great for gently removing sand from baby’s face, particularly around the eyes. The best part? It’s guaranteed to work and costs less than $10.

2. Use a Surf Brush — Take a cue from the surfers and use this super soft brush to wipe legs, feet, sand toys, boogie boards and beach chairs. With both long- and short-handled options, little ones can have fun brushing the sand off their bodies and boards while you load up the minivan. Under $20 apiece.

3. Bring a jug of water — No shower where you’re going? No worries! Fill an old gallon bottle with warm tap water and keep it in the trunk until you’re ready for it. No need to use hot water, the sun will keep it toasty in your trunk all day. Throw in a bottle of Tubby Todd Hair & Body Wash and your little cherub will be ready to go straight from beach to bed...winner!
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