PLAY Mineral Sunscreen + The Bucket List Family


We sent our sunscreen around the world with The Bucket List Family to show you what good, clean sun looks like wherever you are! They took PLAY Mineral Sunscreen to Brazil, Kenya, and New York and put the sunscreen to the test to see if it could hang with the family who knows how to have fun. 


We’ve got you covered in the tub, and now we’re covering your entire family from the sun! After years of formulation (and reformulation) we are thrilled to introduce you to our PLAY Mineral Sunscreen, inspired by fun in the sun and created for skin protection. Whether you are going to the park, pool, beach or fair—we are determined to help you be carefree in the sun while taking good care of your skin. At Tubby Todd, we make all natural body care basics and when it comes to sunscreen, we’re all about good, clean sun.

Dorothy Gee from The Bucket List Family making a splash in Brazil.

Our broad spectrum formula allows for 80 minutes of water-resistant, straight play without reapplication. Our PLAY formula is also an effective anti-aging solution, perfect for keeping little ones smooth.

Dorothy & Manilla from The Bucket List Family lathering up in PLAY Mineral Sunscreen in Brazil.

JessDorothy & Manilla from The Bucket List Family using PLAY Mineral Sunscreen in New York, NY.


We've made application plain and simple not only for parents, but for little ones too! For best and most effective results, apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure and rub, rub, rub the formula in thoroughly. Our broad spectrum formula is water resistant for 80 minutes and should be reapplied after 80 minutes of sweating & swimming OR every 2 hours. Also, apply immediately after towel drying. 

Jess from The Bucket List Family adventuring with PLAY Mineral Sunscreen in New York, NY.

We hope you enjoy PLAY Mineral Sunscreen as much as we do! It has been a long time coming and we couldn't be more excited to help families have good, clean sun and PLAY all day long. For more information on sunscreen application and usage, visit our Tubby Todd Sun School for FAQ's and fun facts!

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