Andrea's Essentials for Nursing

If I'm prepared (and take care of myself!) when I'm nursing, I always enjoy it more. Here are six of my favorite essentials I've used while nursing this time around:
  1. STORQ Caftan — This 100% cotton caftan is flowy and soft, and can be worn before, during, and after pregnancy. It's so forgiving to my postpartum body, and is really comfortable to nurse in. The buttons down the front are perfect, and it's chic enough I can leave the house in it. 
  2. Tubby Todd MAMA Nursing Salve — Our nursing salve has been FANTASTIC for nursing James! Even though he's my third baby, the first few weeks of nursing are just as tender as I remember with my other two. This nursing salve is a super pure-grade, hypoallergenic salve that I feel completely safe using before, during, and after nursing.
  3. Munchkin LATCH Nursing Pads — Remember how I raved about these before? They're still my favorite nursing pads. I promise you'll love them!
  4. Nova Granola — This is my favorite snack that I keep all to myself while nursing. :) I eat it by the handful, or with greek yogurt, and it gives me a healthy boost of energy (and calories!) that I need to keep my supply strong.
  5. Covered Goods Nursing Cover — This is my favorite nursing cover; it stretches just right, and is versatile enough that I also use it as a carseat cover for James. It was fantastic for nursing on our plane trip to NY last week, and provides plenty of coverage so we didn't have a nip-slip.
  6. Tubby Todd MAMA Freshening Spray — This spray works wonders to neutralize and deodorize that "I just nursed" smell, and any spit-up you may receive afterward. ;) I often keep this by my keys so I can freshen up right before we head out the door.


*photo credit for storq caftan goes to @calivintage