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Tubby Todd Deep Sea Bubble Bath

Bubble bath formulas, as well as strong soaps that contain deodorants or potent scents, can irritate the opening of your baby's urethra (where urine comes out) if the soap is not rinsed off completely. Tubby Todd Bath Co. is made of all natural ingredients, and our Sweet Quince Bubble Bath is specially formulated with mild surfactants to be safe for little ones to play in. Below, Stephanie Sullins shares her family's experience with our Tubby Todd Bubble Bath.

"Five years without bubbles is too long! After early UTI's, overall sensitivity "down there" after every bath, and trying every sensitive, natural soap out there, we swore off bubbles for good. Until we ran into Tubby Todd! So glad we gave it one more try! We are still extra cautious with a good, clean rinse after our bubble fun, but we're halfway through our second bottle and it's been all smiles. In a sea of bubbles my daughter exclaimed, "I am so glad you found me bubbles, Momma!" Xoxo Tubby Todd!"

We're so glad we found you bubbles, too! Thanks for sharing, Sullins family.



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