Teaching Your Kids to Bathe Themselves

By the time your child is in preschool, he or she may take a washcloth from you in an attempt to "help" you wash them. It's about this time that you can begin to teach your child to bathe themselves.

Before you begin, make sure you have all toys, towels, washcloths, loofahs, and washes readily available.  Supervision of your child in the bath is still extremely important for the next few years.  

  1. To begin, using our Extra Tubby Hair & Body Wash, have your child pump one pump into their hands and suds it up.
  2. Beginning with their face, show them how to scrub away dirt and then how to work their way down their little bodies. Make especially sure to teach them not to forget their ears, armpits, feet, and bums.
  3. Have them take a dunk in the bath to rinse the soap off until there are no bubbles left on their body.
  4. Next, allow your child to pump one more pump of Extra Tubby Hair & Body Wash into their hands and lather it into their hair. Show them how to use their fingerpads to scrub all around their head.
  5. Help them rinse out the water while they continue using their fingerpads to scrub the soap out. Again, rinse until there are no more bubbles.

For the most part, shampooing may still be Mom or Dad's job until your little is about six or seven. But the important thing is they will eventually know just what to do, plus they will feel so proud knowing they can bathe all by themselves!

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