Tips for Using Tubby Todd Postpartum

Our plant-based ingredients and sensitive skin formulas make them ideal for delicate postpartum skin and healing tears and incisions. We love that you can take our products, use them on yourself, and then slather them on your baby's rough spots, sore bum, cradle cap, and mysterious rashes. 

For Mama

Episiotomy Healing or Vaginal tearing: Delicately apply All Over Ointment directly to sores, tears, and stretched skin with clean hands. 

Stretch Marks: Generously rub in All Over Ointment to soothe dry and itchy stretched skin. Apply Belly Oil as needed on all stretch marks.

C-Section Scars: Apply a generous amount of All Over Ointment directly onto the incision.

Nipples: Rub a dollop of Nursing Salve onto nipples after each nursing session and let air dry. (Air aids in healing.) 

postpartum care belly oilBelly: Rub Belly Oil on irritated, loose, or chafing skin. Your body is going through a major shift and your skin is working overtime to reconfigure itself after a big hormonal shift. And yes you can use Belly Oil anywhere and everywhere on your body.

Sweet Quince & Honeysuckle Bubble Bath: Make your first bath after birth extra special (and gentle) by using all natural bubble bath that won't irritate your lady parts. 

postpartum skincareMama Freshening Spray: for days when you're just too busy to shower but need a little pick-me-up.

Dream Cream: Nighttime face cream to help maintain that pregnancy glow as your hormones readjust to postpartum life.

For Baby

Use All Over Ointment on cradle cap, diaper rash, irritated skin on NICU babies, chafing, or mysterious rashes. For extra umph, layer on top of Dream Cream.

Lavender & Rosemary Hair and Body Wash: Gentle enough to use on tiny newborns. A tiny squeeze with warm water should do the trick!

Follow up with Lavender & Rosemary Everyday Lotion on Baby's whole body. It's plant-based so if they stick their fingers in their mouths, you don't have to stress. They're good. For extra umph, follow with a thin layer of All Over Ointment.

Use Dream Cream on any extra dry spots or irritated skin. Use as needed. Makes a killer combo with All Over Ointment on top.

Spritz Baby Fresh Spray on baby's bum after diaper changes. Use as a room spray to naturally deodorize the diaper changing area. Can also be used as a safe alternative to baby cologne.

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