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We love to see how families use Tubby Todd every day. Follow along this series, A Day with the Basics! If you use Tubby Todd in your home, be sure to tag @_themamablog and #adaywiththebasics to share! Today, we are hearing from Caitlin Jarrell from @caitlinholli.


We reached out to Caitlin, a mama of two toddlers, and one brand new baby! Caitlin is a photographer and knitter who posts about motherhood and her cute kiddos. Today, she's talking to us about how she uses Tubby Todd throughout her day and with her little ones.



Caitlin's daughter has extremely long hair. "Our biggest concern for her is finding a shampoo and conditioner that keeps it from getting tangled after washing." Caitlin uses Tubby Todd's Hair & Body Wash on her daughter's hair every 4-5 days so it doesn't get oily.

I always use Tubby Todd's Conditioner on Holli's hair to help with tangles when getting ready to dry and I love Tubby Todd's Detangler Spray for her since her hair is so long and tangles are a big issue. We absolutely love and highly recommend a wet brush! These brushes are amazing for tangles in little kids hair! Super soft on their hair and brushes lighter than a regular hair brush."


My kids always love bubble baths.  Sometimes we even make bath paints to paint in the tub!


"Motherhood is not an easy job, it takes lots of patients and lots of energy. I love being a stay at home mom to my littles so I can soak up every ounce of there childhood and make experiences extra fun for them!"

Thank you so much, Caitlin, for spending a #daywiththebasics with us!  

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